Line item pricing, order status, and UPS and Spee-Dee tracking.

New And Improved!

MN Air's Order Search just received a major upgrade.  Now search for all your orders (whether they've shipped or not) in one place!  You can now quickly see exactly where your order is in the order process.

Line Item Pricing

Line item pricing is back by popular demand.  Sorry we took it away.  We had no idea your affection towards it :)  Pricing for each line item will appear on the order detail page for all residential and parts orders.  Commercial quoted projects will continue to show lump-sum billing.

Easy UPS And Spee-Dee Tracking

Orders that are shipped via UPS or Spee-Dee will now contain a link to track your shipments.  These links can be found at the bottom of the Order Detail section. 

Please use the feedback button at the top of any page to tell us what you think. 

-Mike Jr.